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Nicole Sharp
19.03.2016, 15:18
Which version of Daemon Tools do I need if all I want to be able to do (on 64-bit Microsoft Windows 10) is to create ISO virtual-disc backups of SafeDisc/SecuROM CDs/DVDs? According to what I've read, running software from discs protected with SafeDisc or SecuROM is no longer supported on Windows 7/8/10. I need an application that can create ISO virtual discs that can be run on VirtualBox Windows XP instead of my Windows 10 host operating system. I don't need mounting or burning ISO capabilities since those features are already supported on Windows 10.

I tried installing the Daemon Tools Lite Free License but I am getting the error below on attempting to back up a SafeDisc CD-ROM (Age of Empires II). I read on the forum that apparently the error is due to using the Free License? There are no visible scratches or damage to the disc.

"Reading track 1 of 2" /
"Read operation had hit a ECC/EDC bad (recoverable) block (826)" /
"Disc imaging failed." /
"Finished with errors"

Which feature(s) for Daemon Tools Lite Personal do I need to purchase in order to be able to back up my SafeDisc/SecuROM CDs/DVDs as virtual-disc ISOs on 64-bit Windows 10? (Or do I have to get Full Pack, Pro, or Ultra instead?)


19.03.2016, 22:27
Hallo and welcome to the forums :)

That would be the Image Editor to set advanced options while creating images from discs,
and maybe the Advanced Mount feature to be able to create virtual IDE devices as some
Safedisc/SecuROM versions only work in them. A total of $17.99 incl. Lifetime updates.

22.03.2016, 12:08

Thank you Terramex.

You can also try 20 days Trial of DTUltra software, that has similar functional with DTLite that goes optionally.