View Full Version : Compressed Filesystem on a CD with one or more ISO's FAQ?

09.01.2003, 12:13
Hey All

Would love to see a faq on this side on how to burn compressed
file systems to CDR's holding ISO(s) for DT to mount directly from
the CD.

It could have lots of benafits...

1. Faster Access - decompression faster than cd-access.
2. better use of CD cashe as it is compressed data.
3. Keeping data in ISO format rather than burning with strange
protection to CD is more compertible.
4. No need for hunting for large CDR medias
5. No need to unzip it all from a CD and copy to the HD before
playing or what ever...
6. Might be the way to burn "large" ISO's on older Burners - without

And maybee more...

The Linux world have a compressed filesystem to be used on CDROMS
- It might not be to hard to be alowed to use the code in DT to be
able to support it easy? - but ofcourse there might already be ways to
do it outside DT??

Win95 and win98 have some software for HD compression that
could be used? problerly there are even better out there?

A smart guy could make a "cookbook" for the rest of us on how to do this?

Please if you know about this - give your shoot for a road map for this....

Any pointers for compressed file systems or other usefull info
would be nice.

09.01.2003, 19:36
compression in d-tools has been discussed before. You won't see any compresion from d-tools until someone else comes out with compressed images, and they become popular...

09.01.2003, 22:11
Thats not a Daemon-Tool problem, this program is a virtual CD/DVD-Rom drive and doesn't have an own format, it can just support existing file formats with permission. If there would be something it would be supported. You could try and use Blindwrite, it makes smaller files than Clone CD (about 20 MB from a full CD). If
you think rar or zip could be supported you are wrong because it would take to long to extract them. Please pin this topic of not already happened.

you wrote:
Faster Access - decompression faster than cd-access
how would this be possible? do you know how long it takes to decompress a 600 MB rar file? I bet you don't, else you wouldn't write this nonsense

10.01.2003, 11:28
Hey All!

Sorry to bring the Compression back here.

I will try to close my own tread here - by giving hints
to otheres looking for the same thing.

There are compressed formats out there - but clearly
they might have some copyrights for the compresion and
clearly they will be hard to hack if you/we would try to hack
it - nobody expect them to give the decompresion algoritme(s)

Best hope in the freeware business
is maybee the Linux world who has a format ready to be used.
"Tools that, in combination with an appropriately patched version of
mkisofs, allow the creation of compressed CD-ROM filesystems."
"Project: squashfs"
So maybee somebody transfer this to our Windoze world someday...

I looked arround alot. It seems the $$$ tool "Virtual CD v. 4.5"
and problerly other versions has a compression option used by

If you find a good link on this stuff - please forward it...

here by I see this as a closed isue on VD.

Sorry guys - add good luck in your uncompressed lives.
Not so well know tool with some compression to :
"Paragon CD-ROM Emulator"

Also maybee look at this tool:

CRI-X3 enables programs like DoubleSpace to work on a CD. It's intended for a publisher or for significant internal use, and the licensing is priced accordingly. See http://www.cdrominc.com/. (Side note: the company filed patent infringement suits against Traxdata and CeQuadrat in Sep 1998 for distributing CD compression software. This might account for the dearth of similar applications.)

CRIX3 CD-ROM Compression for Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, and 2000

PS: I have no clue on what is best?