View Full Version : i can't play games after installing with daemon tools

06.11.2004, 03:53
Operating System: windows xp home
Burning Software: nero 6
Anti-virus Software: F-Secure
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

i installed some games (bin cue iso) with daemon tools and the installing was fine but when i try to play the game i got an error :
(the game) disk dosen't appear to be in my cd-rom drive.please insert it and try again

what do i do to fix this???

it give the same error on all the games i installed
thank you

06.11.2004, 10:05
Do any of the games work with the original discs?

There might be problem with your cue sheets, please post the contents of a couple of your .cue files here (simply open with Notepad and copy'n'paste here).

07.11.2004, 08:47
ok thanks this is one of the cue files:

FILE "C:\Documents and Settings\all\Desktop\New Folder\010124_1630.BIN" BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

08.11.2004, 14:55
This cue sheet looks odd, like a Playstation game.

Try changing the "C:\Documents and Settings\all\Desktop\New Folder\010124_1630.BIN" to "010124_1630.BIN" and check that both the .bin file and the .cue are on the same directroy.
Also, does the game work with an original CD?

08.11.2004, 23:30
ok ill try it and let you know