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07.11.2004, 13:33
Hey i'm new here and i have a prob with the game Mafia

My uncle copied the game for me its 3 discs
But to install it you needed to do something with deamon tools.
I was stupid and i uninstalled the game after i stopped playing

But now i can't figure it out nomore and i can't ask my uncle.
He died :cry: He had cancer

But thats not it i posted to find out how i install the game cause i got cd 1 inserted and when i begin installing it still asks for the cd

My uncle said there was somethin with a virtual drive but thats all i remember.
Please help how do i install it??

08.11.2004, 13:16
Now that your uncle has passed away he doesn't need his original CDs anymore so use them =)

08.11.2004, 13:18
Dont joke with it man
He had burned cd's to

You could rather help then makin fun about it

08.11.2004, 13:47
There will be no help for any illegal actions here :idea: