View Full Version : SCSI miniport conflict

07.11.2004, 22:23
Operating System: XP
Burning Software: n/a
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I've got an interesting problem here, and I'm not sure how to solve it.

I've been using D-Tools for a long time now, and I love it. However, it doesn't seem to agree with my new Powerfile C200 DVD changer. :cry: The C200 uses it's own SCSI miniport device driver to communicate to the changer over 1394.

After I installed D-Tools and rebooted to load the drivers, D-Tools seemed to "preempt" my C200 SCSI miniport, bumping the SCSI Port up to 3 from 2. The bus, ID, and lun all remained the same. This is fine with me, so I reconfigured the application to use SCSI port 3 vice 2. Another reboot, still issues. There seems to be some kind of race condition on OS startup too... maybe they are fighting over SCSI ports :?: :wink:

Any suggestions on how to make these two live happily together? Is there a way to "force" a SCSI port, ID, or lun in D-Tools? TIA for any suggestions.