View Full Version : Daemon Tools 3.44 -> 3.47 can not manage old drives

10.11.2004, 09:20
Operating System: WinXP Sp1
Burning Software: Alcohol, Nero Reloaded, Pinacle Studio 8
Anti-virus Software: Symantec Antivirus 8.0
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44 / 3.47

Hello guys, (Sorry, I'm from Germany)

I've a big problem. I'd D-Tools 3.44 on my computer. Yesterday I upgraded to 3.47

After that I had 2 gerneric drives of D-Tool. But D-Tools recognised and manages only one. I'd uninstalled both drives via hardware console. Next boot, both drives were back. Same problem. :oops:

Than I uninstalled D-Tools, reboot. Drives active. I "hacked" registry, removed D-Tools-key. Removed D-Tools-Folder in "Programme" (Progam Files). No chacnce. After that I looked up in registry. Did find Generic drives in Controlsets, but cannot remove. Not enought rights. I'm Administrator. :evil:

After all I installed D-Tools. But "crashed" - Services are there. Gone to Services, but did not find something like D-Tool. :?:

Please can you help me. Thanks a lot.

Regards Gizmo :wink:

10.11.2004, 09:43
Un-install current Daemon Tools version, check threads about error 25002 and remaining virtual drives after un-installation in common problems and solutions forum.
Reboot after the procedure(s), then re-install v3.47.