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13.11.2004, 01:54
Operating System: Win XP
Burning Software: Nero , Alcohol 120% 1.9.2
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47


when installing, the status bar nearly goes to the end. Then a 25061 error occures. After that am 25005 error happens and after that again a 25061 error. Then the install is canceled. Does anyone have a clue?

I'm desperate for help. Thanks alot in advanced!


15.11.2004, 00:46
Is there a way to at least look up what the error codes mean?

15.11.2004, 10:09
Seems your OS is corrupt (e.g. virus, memory) or you've some really strange problem with registry (corrupt or permissions).
The errors mean SetupDiGetClassDevs API fails. You're the first one reporting such errors.

15.11.2004, 14:18
Always good to be the first ;)

Thanks for the clue. This gives me at least a starting point. I'll run a registry check.

16.11.2004, 11:22
Also try running "sfc /scannow" to check for corrupted system files.

08.12.2004, 00:32
Operating System: WINXP SP2
Burning Software: Nothin'.
Anti-virus Software: Avast! version something; CodeStuff Starter (Not Anti-virus, but...)
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47 (theoretically)

I also am suffering from this problem. I install, then get almost to the end, then it gives me error code 25061, then a code 25001, then ANOTHER 25061. I've run the sfc command (it came up clean), but I can't get my old registry backup from a while ago to import cleanly. Something about keys in use. Any help here?

10.12.2004, 08:22
I'm afraid that the problem hasn't gone away yet. Can anyone tell me how to fix it? What specs to post that I missed? An alternative if there's NO fix?

10.12.2004, 20:46
Have you checked from the event logs that sfc really didn't find any errors?

10.01.2005, 18:09
What's an event log and how do I check it?

10.01.2005, 18:38
Run eventvwr.exe :idea:

03.03.2005, 08:44
Operating System: WinXP SP1
Burning Software: Blindwrite 5.2.10 Alcohol 120% 1.9.x
Anti-virus Software: NAV2003
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

After deleting tons of registry keys, i managed to find the culprit of this problem, while installing DT, the new hardware installation engine popped up, and after trying to installing D347SCSI driver, it says access denied. This happens after I tried locking some keys as well as trying to run an XProt/Securom5 game from DT. Apparently this XProt/Securom5 game repeatedly unmount all drives, turning off RPMS emulation, and a whole school of other mischief. Hope this sheds some light at the end of the tunnel :).

22.03.2005, 01:27
Operating System: WinXP SP2
Burning Software: Clone CD
Anti-virus Software: Grisoft AVG
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47 / 3.46

I installed, or tried to, 3.47 over 3.46. Errors kept popping up exactly like the others in the board

Which registry key was it? I have the same problem. Even after restoring from a registry backup I made right before doing some modifications, it's not fixed.

The changes to the registry were from the instructions at the following board.

I wrote the batch file on either the second or third page.

01.04.2005, 10:34
Operating System: WinXP SP2
Burning Software: no
Anti-virus Software: no
DAEMON Tools Version: tryied several

The same problem!!!
It has worked on Win XP SP1 but after i have installed SP2 it fails.

The situation is like that:

I had been
using it for 3 years on WINDOWS XP SP1 -- It was OK, BUT
XP SERVICE PACK 2 (SP2), and after that i tried to install
Daemon Tools, but I faced with trouble. The picture is like
that - it seems to be installed, but at the last moment (99%
of installation) error message appears, and setup wizard
automatically deinstall programm.

To cut a long story short- I CAN'T install Daemon Tools
under Windows XP SP2!!!

Error 25001.Device setup error: code 25021. Contact your support personnel.

And the strangest thing is, that. if i leave this error message on the screen and ignore this message, i can run Daemon Tools (by clicking desktop ikon) and use it, but when I click OK on the error message, daemon tools will automatically uninstall. And of course after Windows restart i'll find Daemon tools uninstalled on my computer. So it is not very convinient to install daemon tools every time i want to use it))....

(And one more thing, I find out, that if i'l made Recovering Point in My WinXP, and install Daemon Tools after this, error message will not appear, but nevertheless it will appear after windows retart=(((

14.08.2005, 16:12
Operating System: Windows SP Professional SP3
Burning Software: Roxio easy CD creator 6 and Nero 6 Ultra Edition
Anti-virus Software: AVG Free edition
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I'm getting the same errors and I have no idea what to do.

Device setup error: code 25061 (0x61E5). 2(0x2). Contact your support personnel.

Device setup error: code 25001 (0x61A9). 5(0x5). Contact your support personnel.

Edit: please excuse the OS typo. I meant windows XP professional sp2