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14.11.2004, 02:15
does any one know what kind of protecition it has or how to make it work?

14.11.2004, 11:15
Google says it would be SecuROM, please check with A-ray scanner from http://www.aray-software.com/ and post results here.

14.11.2004, 13:08
08:37:17 AM] --- File(s) Scan Finished [8.33s] ---

this is what i got from aray scanner..... nothin!..... it doesn't tell me anything..... anyone here can help?.....

14.11.2004, 16:41
Scan both the installation CD(s) and the directory the game is installed to.

14.11.2004, 16:53
THanks... i got it.... it was SecuROM but then the new Daemont tools wont work.... can anyone here can make it work,..... please

14.11.2004, 17:53
As far as I know it blacklists the miniport driver (it attaches a copy of the file to the scan report it generates) It does so by unpacking a series of DLL's into the temp folder SInf**.dll (** = 16,32,NT) and then using them queries the drive information.

I was unable to intercept the dll calls using a dummy dll -it seems to verify the authenticity (well... duh ;) ), but if you don't have them already i can post the codes it sends to DeviceIOControl (the NT ver), as well as some other info i gathered.

15.11.2004, 11:41
aXnCorp: I recommend you simply play from the original CD and wait for the new Daemon version.

Mayday: the SInf*.dll is also copied to system32\drivers and set to start on boot-up as system level drivers, they can be removed from device manager -> non-plug and play devices.

That's why the games protected by SecuROM require Administrator privileges - if the SecuROM protection is removed they can be run as normal user and from virtual drives.