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12.11.2002, 05:10

first of all, great software.
i've been using it since day1.

it would be handy if you added .bwa support to allow us to us the blindwrite bwa builder program , so ppl can hav the original clone image on their drives and use the .bwa file, instead of buring it with twinpeak .2 and having the install issues.

as there already is .mds support, i thought it might be a good idea.



12.11.2002, 06:15
You can be sure, bwa is supported in one of the next Versions. As Daemon Tools is always in further development and was the first program that support media-description, it is only a matter of time.

Check HP and Board for updates from time to time

12.11.2002, 10:02
BWA is already supported in current beta, but it will not work with CloneCD image, only with BWT. I.e. make BWT image with Blindread and have BWA beside it - Daemon woill mount it automatically.