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11.01.2003, 01:03
I am trying since 2 months to make a backup of my original wavelab 4 cd but without success.

(Until now i could copy every program 100% sucessfully - even securom - or safedisc 2.8 with my cd drives/burners - own several different of them...)

Did anyone try it ? (I did already stop in counting my coasters...)

I did examine the original cd and found out that it has something to to with a delay of sector reading, but not like Securom 4.84 with fixed delay - the density is changing - so also the delays - from 0.0 - to 1 second !

To the details:
The density change starts at 179000 up to 179982 - where the density gets that high that it is totally unreadable till 183614 from where the
density changes back to normal till sector 185450.

Back to program details: over this area is a dummy file called
wavelab.dat - dumping the reading commands (with a sector access logger) - shows that it reads
on 2 points (only a few sectors) before unreadable ring and on 2 points after unreadable ring. (again a few sectors)
always the second point before and after the ring gives immense time delay due to
correcting positioning of increased density - afterwards its starts reading
"backward" from 185450 to 183614 in 16sector blocks - but jumping always 8 sectors closer to 183614 - with the fact that the reading of each block takes a little bit longer than the preread block!

After about 4-10 seconds (depends on cd reader) it had checked time delays.
But it looks that the time delays have to be relative - because i tested
it on my first very very old cd writer hp 4020i - where the checks even
took about 90 seconds - but finally even work there !

Since Alcohol and BWA builder works on a CD without errors in timing measurement - both tools stops due to much errors in this unreadable area - is there a way to get around this?

Btw i have a little bit disassembled code (of installation routine) and found out that this is probably a prototype or subversion of securom v5.

Maybe someone can help me or give me some hints how to solve this
or examine this further - maybe with some facts for further tools development.

Thanks BiT

Maybe someone has a :idea: to this checks :)

11.01.2003, 02:52
This seems to be same protection as used in Robin Hood, New World Order and other games. It is already analyzed and will soon be fully supported.