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17.11.2004, 16:58
I just wanted to say that although everyone is appreciative of the fact that daemon tools supplies a free copy protection emulation tool, everyone is also eager for news. The last time any new news was posted on your homepage itself was back in August. That's a long time in between adding new information. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is eager to get information on when daemon-tools version 4 will be released or how progress on it is going. I'm personally also curious as to whether or not it will handle securom copy protection any better than the current release, or if the copy protection companies have finally outsmarted you.

Finally, I would like to make another suggestion. Although it is no surprise that many people use tools like daemon tools to make illegal copies of software, many others simply want to have a backup of their $70 video games that are so fragile that wiping a piece of dust off can damage the disc.

I suggest that you include in your next new update on the homepage, a suggestion that all users of daemon tools email their favourite gaming magazine and let them know that legal owners of software have the right to make backup copies, and that they should include in all of their reviews of new software a category to tell potential buyers if the program is copy protected, and if so, by what method. If consumers were informed beforehand, they could choose to boycott software manufacturers who are determined to keep customers from being able to backup their expensive software.

Perhaps if Pc-Gamer, and other gaming and software magazines received a couple thousand emails requesting this new category be included in their software reviews, they would concede and include the information, and perhaps software manufacturers would get the message that the best way to ensure their products are not pirated is to sell them for a reasonable price with a decent manual, and stop spending a fortune on copy protection schemes that just make legal owners angry that they have to go to so much trouble just to backup the software they already own. Let's send a message they won't forget!

18.11.2004, 21:02
of course we should inform and update our News-Section more frequently.

We will do so in the next few days and maybe after this weekend post
something about current status of our new version.

Thank you for your suggestions

02.03.2005, 21:22
Months ago I wrote in the forum that people would appreciate more frequent news updates about the upcoming version of Daemon tools. I was pleasantly surprised to discover an immediate response from the administrator agreeing that "of course news should be updated more frequently" (I'm paraphrasing as I don't remember the exact quote.) A few days later, at most, the homepage was updated. That was on Nov. 25, 2004.

It is now March 2005, and there has not been another news update since the Nov. news update. To be honest, even that update sounded rather petulant if not downright bitchy. The product offered on this website is undoubtedly very popular, and it shouldn't come as a surprise that people who use it, when told of an upcoming update would be curious.

I suspect that everyone wants to know when or if a new version will be released in the near future, or at all; if it will overcome the latest securerom protection which gives the current version a serious roadblock that it can't overcome unless the 1 to 1 copy was made with blindwrite, and just a general indication if this site is even still active.

The administrator agreed with me that there should be more news released about daemon tools, and yet has done nothing to follow up. Even a monthly update would let people anxious for the new version know that it is still in the works, and that this site has not been abandoned.

This is a useful product, and truthfully it could no doubt be marketed in a cheap jewel case version and people would still buy it gladly. But you can't dangle a carrot in front of someone's eyes forever and expect them to just keep following it until they drop dead of exhaustion. It is not asking much for a monthly news update on the homepage, and yet it seems to be more than anyone at daemon tools homepage is willing to provide.

Speaking for myself, I'd rather pay ten or fifteen bucks for a jewel case version available in stores, and get some information once in a while on the homepage, than have a vague promise of an upcoming version, which may or may not be able to handle the newest copy protections, or may have been abandoned months ago and no one cares enough to tell us.

Curiosity is a human trait. Don't get upset because you told people six months ago that they could expect a new version, and they want to know its status. We just want regular, monthly updates. If anyone disagrees, please speak up, and if not, say something!

02.03.2005, 22:31
I'm not upset. Honestly, I apologize for not posting anything usefull
the last month in the news-section. Of course we should update the
status of the project, I will do it right now, sorry for that inconvenience.

ps: and yes, you're right, I know how you and others feel about it.
I know how I feel when it comes to new software I love and can't
read anything new about it, regardless how hard I try

03.03.2005, 01:22
news-section updated. I hope we update it now more frequently. Beside of that, of course it is capable to handle every protection

03.03.2005, 21:36
I just wanted to say thanks for the immediate response and positive action to my concerns about the lack of recent news concerning the upcoming new version of daemon tools. If companies like Microsoft offered such efficient service, we might not think that Bill Gates was the ultimate incarnation of evil here on earth.

On second thought, no: anyone who would charge $300 Canadian just for a full version of an operating system, especially one with as many short-comings as Windows XP, is still the Anti-Christ in my book. Whatever. Sooner or later, IBM, HP, Dell, and Gateway are going to realize that if they band together behind one new, cheaper, and better operating system, Microsoft can be beaten. When Windows isn't even compatible with older versions of itself, anything has got to be better, and the fact that such a messed up operating system, frequently butchered by it's own registry, but which doesn't even come with a registry optimizer included says it all.

Many thanks to whoever the fellow calling himself Locutus is for his helpfulness.

01.07.2005, 18:40
Anything new in the dev department on the upcomming version of DT :?:

I dont wanna come off an an inpaticient mule. However, I am i need of yet another Wiindows XP reinstall. I really do not want to reinstall the 32 bit edition. At this point I would buy any CD emulation product that supports a 64 bit operating system. The first poroduct available that can get the job done is the one that I will buy.