View Full Version : Cant Play Half Life 2. :-/

18.11.2004, 19:53
Well, I purchased the standard Retail version of Half Life 2 at EB on the 16th, I can play it but very slow, the problem is the protection. my Laptop CD Drive , TEAC DW-224E doesn't read standard CD-r's it only read's DVD's. Most the games I purchase I rip with Nero and transfer them via Router to my laptop which is like 10 times faster than my desktop, I got an error when I did Half Life 2 telling me to go to www.securerom.com/emulation. which really sucks, I guess the Securerom is V5, anyone know a way I would be able to play it until the drive get's fixed? Hope this doesn't get closed, I purchased the game so I'm not asking to download it or anything.

Thanks all. :)

EDIT: I'm using the latest Daemon Tools, I've tried Alchohol 120% as well, no luck, ClonyXXL didn't detect any protections but I read on here it's SecureRom 5.

18.11.2004, 21:37
securom has detect an emulator : deamon if you use it or and alcohol.. must wait next realise

19.11.2004, 20:43
Thanks to _id_ and vms01 it works now, view this thread http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=4146 and also look at post #21.