View Full Version : Error code 2932, help~~~

19.11.2004, 13:15
Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP2
Burning Software: n/a
Anti-virus Software: n/a
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

After uninstall DT 3.47, I restart the computer and resinstall it, but error code 2932 display before the installation is finished. Installation failed.
Then I found that the real CD-ROM drives of the computer disappeared!
In the device manager, there is exclamation mark icon beside the two CD-ROM. I've tried to reinstall the driver of the CD-ROM drives, but it dosn't work, what should I do now?

19.11.2004, 14:56
Regarding the real drives disappearing read common problems section.

Error 2932 means "Could not create file from script data". Check permissions, and please post complete error message.