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11.01.2003, 18:59
Good day, everybody.

Firstly, I'd like to thank Venom386, Swenske and others helping development of DT.

I have not had the pleasure of using this program up until now, however I've heard about it from a lot of people before so I am now joining the proud ranks of DT-Users.

Next is my question, it'll be preceded by a long explanation so if you don't like reading long posts, stop right here.

The gist of the situation is basically this -- I would like to mount images of applications/games/movies I own over the LAN.

I have a wireless network set up at my house with 4 computers (1 fileserver, 1 gateway/print server and 2 workstations). While I do not mind the exercise I am a creature of comfort and want to minimize unnecessary user I/O. This situation also echoes with my current project of remodelling my 2 year old HTPC. Here's exactly what I want to do:

1) Share general use application CD images such as OfficeXP, WindowsXP, etc. (no copy protection)

2) Share some of my old and some new game CD images for PC and my now unfortunately defunct PSX (some have no protection, PSX and newer games do)

3) Share backup DVD images of DVD-Video discs. (no protection)

Now, I understand that it's best to adapt several different tools for the job. I just wanted to know what your thoughts would be on which image builders/copy programs I should use. Understandably, I would like to standardise the image formats for future use. I don't want to implement a strategy of using some jack-in-the box software that won't be available down the road and won't be supported. Here are my thoughts so far:

For task #1 - use something that builds .ISO with 2048 sector size, has Jouliet and doesn't restrict directory depth too much. I'm thinking of WinImage or older CDRWin (3.8D) with raw reading disabled. I would prefer to have 1 file instead of 2 (cue/bin) for obvious reasons.

For task #2 - use Alcohol120%, BlindWrite or DiscJuggler. I'm weary of using the first two because of the "second tier" image attached to the program, if you know what I mean. I own a Teac CD-532S CD-ROM drive which I was using back in the day with a Teac CD-R55S to make backups of old securerom and laserlock with DiscJuggler 2.x. It was quite a bit before the RAW writing became so popular both in software and hardware. I have not taken the CD-ROM out of the closet for at least 2 years so I do not know if the old strategy can be alplied to my newer games. As you can see I would prefer to stay with DJ.

For task #3 - use Lightning UK!'s DVD-Decrypter. This is the easiest of all 3.

So please, let me know what you think and Happy New Year to you and all yours!

15.01.2003, 01:13
what, no opinions?

15.01.2003, 04:07
What kind of opinion do you want? You seem to know exactly what you want to do, and how to do, so go out and do it! I see no problems with your goal/plan.

15.01.2003, 17:33
I see no problems with your goal/plan.

That's what I wanted to hear :)

Do you think that DiscJuggler will be able to do the trick for #2 ? That's the area of concern for me.