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21.11.2004, 02:20
Operating System: XP
Burning Software: none
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hello, world! :D

I have a large CDI disk image that I can mount with Daemon Tools. But I want to edit a file inside the image... just change a few bytes.

The problem is that I might need to do that several times, and using any "iso utility" to extract then insert the file into the image again will take a lot of time!

What I wanted to do is to edit the image with a binary editor, but when I do that, I get an "data error" when reading the file from the virtual drive (probably due to P/Q parity, EDC or image CRC check)...

Any tips about how I could get around this problem? I'm investigating this matter for some time now (I checked the forums with the search feature before posting, of course), but I thought I could ask for some help with the experts... :wink:


22.11.2004, 17:01
Ok, small update:

I thought I would try to do the same with other kind of images (nrg, ccd, msd)... but then I got the same errors, or the old contents of the file is read (as if some ECC changed the bytes back)!

I also thought about using some kind of IFS hook to open a file in the HDD instead of the file in the CD, but this would work only with high-level functions (anything that tries to read the disk sectors would pass that hack).

Any ideas, anyone?

22.11.2004, 17:19
Try ECCRegen (http://eccregen.cjb.net/), it supports CDRWin bin/cue, Blindwrite bwi, and CloneCD ccd/img images.

23.11.2004, 15:48
Can I kiss you? :P

Although ECCRegen was not the solution, reading the helpfile and other Internet resources about it pointed me to the cdrdao source. I already built a proggy with it that is small, fast and do just what I needed! :D

Thanks a bunch!