View Full Version : Make image of "Need for Speed UnderGround 2"

21.11.2004, 20:46
Hei, I used Alcohol 120% to make a image of Need for Speed UnderGround 2 cd1, ir worked fine, but when i tryd to do the same with cd2 it youst showed up reading error after reading error. WhY??

PS: There arent any rips in the cd!

21.11.2004, 23:24
The errors are probably part of the game's copy protection - ignore them and see if the image works.

24.02.2005, 17:02
It wont youll just end up with a coaster. the game will freez at the startup image just like all the others. believe me i have a good 30 coasters now. after trying every which way possible.

If you do have any luck can you let us know?

25.02.2005, 23:03
just go ahead, the errors are normal and the image will be perfect, but depending on your writer you maybe can't burn it on cd. playing right from the image works without problems.

27.02.2005, 14:03
A similar question was asked in a forum at cdfreaks.

tirex18 (http://club.cdfreaks.com/member.php?u=75707) also thought 'read errors' would hurt the copying process: "It says that he is unable to read sectors for about 5 minutes then copy the rest of the cd."

link (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=100614&highlight=sheep+list)

It goes on to a list of some compatible recorders so you can lookup your burner.

02.03.2005, 00:29
That's right, just go ahead and let it finish reading the disc.

Some years ago, when CD burning was very new, publishers thought of ways to prevent people from copying their CDs. The first CD copy protection was CDs containing more than 650MB of data, so you couldn't copy them to CDRs (because those could only store 650MB). Then CDRs with 700MB capacity appeared, and that kind of copy protection was obsolete.

Back then, a new idea for protecting CDs from being copied was born: Every CD writing program had error correction that skipped sectors that couldn't be read from the original medium. So the publishers pressed unreadable sectors onto their CDs. If you copied this disc, those sectors were skipped, and when the game was started, it just had to check for these sectors on the CD. If they weren't found, the game wouldn't start.

These "read errors" are nothing else but the unreadable sectors. If one of those is found, today's copying programs (as Alcohol 120% or CloneCD) just burn an unreadable sector to the CDR. That's why you'll get hundreds of read errors if you read a CD with that kind of copy protection.

Of course, today there are more advanced mechanisms than just unreadable sectors, so even if these sectors are correctly duplicated, the copy may still not work...