View Full Version : physical CDRW drive appears empty after DT install

21.11.2004, 23:47
Operating System: XP SP2
Burning Software: Nero 6
Anti-virus Software: Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security 2005
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

After installing DT (and uninstalling), I can't view files on my physical CDRW drive. I've tried a few different CDs, both CDR media and non-CDR media. The drive does appear in Explorer, but when I insert a CD, no files appear, as if the CD was blank.

I went to play NFSU2 - a game I own, installed from original media, using ORIGINAL CD to play, not an image - and it said I had the wrong CD in. I ejected the disc, made sure I had the right one, went into Explorer, D: drive, CD appeared blank. Put in a few other CDs, and they all appeared blank also.

I've read through a few threads - the "25002 error
thread didn't seem to apply, neither did the "no CD drive in explorer" thread. I've gone through the registry looking for entries mentioned in a couple of other threads, but those entries don't exist, so I think my registry is clean.

I uninstalled DT using Add/Remove Programs with no errors, and rebooted.

In device manager, under DVD/CD-ROM drives, I have a TEAC CD-W552E listed, which is the correct device. I reloaded the cdrom.inf just for good measure, though the drivers appeared to be installed already. I don't have any virtual drives listed, and no SCSI devices, and no UPNP thing under System devices. This all seems normal.

If I launch Nero and insert a blank CDR disc and check the disc properties, it tells me "no disc is inserted or the drive is not ready".

I'm out of ideas. Windows sees the drive, but doesn't see any of the files on the disc.

22.11.2004, 09:10
Remove all packet writing software if you have any.
Also check common solutions forum about non-working drives and make sure you eliminate unneeded UpperFilters/LowerFilters in registry, eg for Roxio drivers

22.11.2004, 20:09
Seems my drive is dead. It won't spin up anymore. I don't think DT can kill a drive, so it must have just been its time to go. I swapped with a spare I had lying around and that drive works fine.

Thanks anyway.