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22.11.2004, 11:46
Operating System: XP PRO CORP ED (AX 2528PDS Toshiba dynabook; 700+ RAM)
Burning Software: Nero ENT ED
Anti-virus Software: Norton 2004
DAEMON Tools Version: latest (3.47?)

I just installed the latest daemon and rebboted. After The system re-started, my USB HD letter ghanged from G: to I:.

Most of my programs are installed on the USB drive since it's 160gig (and my main PC is a laptop).

When I go to Computer Management, the lowest available drive letter to use is I:, so I can't change it back to G:.

Anything that I try to run (including deamon) gived my the, "insert disk into drive" error since it can't 'find' the software.

I am sceptical about uninstalling deamon since I down't know if it will change the drive letter back to the origional one assigned.

Ironically, the DVD-ROM drive and the removable RAM disk kept their drive letters (which both came AFTER the USB drive..)

I DO need deamon, so I really don't want to uninstall, but I don't want to screw up the system to the point of having to format and reinstall to get the stystem back up to par :(

Any ideas or advice?

Thanx :)


22.11.2004, 11:48
sorry for the typo's... typing in the dark on a laptop can be a pain :P


22.11.2004, 12:08
Operating System: XP PRO SP 2
Burning Software: NERO, ALC, BW
Anti-virus Software: AntiVirXP
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

try to REMOVE drive letters g and i first, then reassign as you like it. if it says something about locking probs, you may need to reboot. i donÒ‘t know whether usb drives behave differently, but at least you might give it a try.

22.11.2004, 13:59
Thanx for the info.... It took awhile before I realized that it had actually assigned the deamon virtual drive to G (for some reason... dunno why).. so I changed it to a different letter.. and then was able to change my USB back to G again...

Dunno if anyone else has had this problem.. but if they do, I hope they find this thread and it will help them too :)

Thanx for the quick response ;)


05.12.2005, 21:37
i have the same problem.

if i install dt4, when i reboot, all my drive letters (C -> K) change :mad:

if i uninstall dt4, the problem disapear...

sorry for my english, i am french ;)

and thanx for responses :rolleyes:

05.12.2005, 22:29
Start -> Run -> execute diskmgmt.msc and change the drive letters the way you want.
Note that the drive letter assignment is done by Windows, so this is not a Daemon Tools issue.

14.01.2006, 21:01
Start -> Run -> execute diskmgmt.msc and change the drive letters the way you want.
Note that the drive letter assignment is done by Windows, so this is not a Daemon Tools issue.

I've done this, it works, but it doesn't prevent the letters to be changed back:
I'm always assigning the letters W, X, Y, Z to the 4 daemon virtual drives i use, but these times, the letters are often automaticaly re-assigned back to the firsts letters available on my system (like reseted).
It's to say the 4 vd letters become g,h,i,j instead of w,x,y,z.
Knowing that my C,D,E,F letters are already in use (C,D,E = HD + F = Alcohol v.drive)

I'm often forced to re-assign my prefered letters to the 4 v.drives, but soon after i discover that the letters have been changed back.
We were thinking about cureRom problem but it's not because in this thread (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?p=45830#post45830), DomiOh have the same pb but doesn't use cureRom...

After some more testing it appears to come from cureRom registry keys restauration...next cureRom update should improve this...