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24.11.2004, 14:26
Operating System: Win XP SP2
Burning Software: Nero 6
Anti-virus Software: McAfee 7.03
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

i just tried to install daemon tools 3.47
but short before the end of the installation my PC suddenly rebootet.
after that i had the desktop icon and the programm folders but couldn't start the daemon. it is also not to be found in the list of the installed software ... so the installation was not complete.

i deleted the programm folders, DLL's and everything i could find and tried to reinstall daemon tools.

but now he always aborts the installation with the following message:
"some driver has invalid name or conflicts with oher file or service in the system. please choose other driver names or make sure you have rebootet after removal of software using same names."

please help me .. i need this tool

24.11.2004, 14:44
Check if you've minidump (in Windows\Minidump folder) related to that crash, if so send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.
Regarding error 25002 check related thread in common problems and solutions forum. Reboot after the procedure.

24.11.2004, 15:28
i send you the files .. i followed the steps .. rebootet and tried to reinstall ... but again my PC rebootet while installation. but this time i have logged the installation.
here is the log file for you:


24.11.2004, 15:38
You've problem with nVidia display drivers. The BSODs are caused by nv4_mini.sys or nv4_disp.dll. But the dumps are rather old and don't show Daemon Tools drivers.

24.11.2004, 16:21
so what do i do now ?

my english is not perfect .... what did you mean is rather old ??
the nvidia drives should be up to date ...

24.11.2004, 16:27
The dumps you sent are dated October, 23rd, so they're obviously not related to your current problems.
There was no new dump created during Daemon Tools installation?

24.11.2004, 16:53
now i know what you mean .. those minidump files ...

there were only these 4 files in this folder .. i send them all to you.

i just checked the folder again .. also no new file after the last reboot while trying to install again ..

25.11.2004, 09:04
do you have any idea about what i could do about this problem ?

would it help to uninstall the nvidia dislpay drivers, install daemon and the reinstall the display drivers ?
or will i have the same problem when trying to run daemon ?

25.11.2004, 09:48
i just tried it because i really need the daemon.

i uninstalled the nvidia dislay drivers and tried the install daemon again, but again my pc rebootet while installation.

here is the new log:

but i have a lot of other nvidia drivers .. here is an overview:

please help me ..

25.11.2004, 17:00
it seems you can't help me getting the daemon to run ... can i get my donation back ? ^^

25.11.2004, 17:09
It's difficult without minidump created. You didn't disable the option to create on in case of BSOD?
You could mail a list of drivers in Windows\System32\Drivers directory to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread. Maybe it helps to get an idea.

25.11.2004, 18:37
no .. actually i don't even know where these minidumps can be enabled or disabled. and due to the fact that some have already been created it must be activated. but of course you can tell me where to check and i will have a look if they are activated or not.

and what does BSOD mean ?

i just mailed you the list of my drivers. i hope you can find the problem ..

26.11.2004, 09:39
it seems you can't help me getting the daemon to run ... can i get my donation back ?

I can't find any data that you're legit customer, sorry.
Please email me with your Order-Nr., with reference to this thread, thank you!

mailto: locutus@daemon-tools.cc

26.11.2004, 09:50
i'm using daemon since years ... but now i have upgraded my PC with new hardware it won't work anymore.

and the donation was a long time ago when it was just a simply donation and no registration.
or am i jut messing things up with another programm ? but usually i do donate for free software that i often use ..

26.11.2004, 10:42
you use it for years, now you run into trouble and et 'voila ->
gimme the money :mrgreen:

No, you never send money to us, as far as I can see, sorry. As soon
as I find records about it (or you), we will immediately send you the money

As you're not interested in Daemon Tools anymore, please uninstall
Daemon Tools.

All the best wishes
Daemon Tools Administration

26.11.2004, 11:12
i did not ? hmpf .... but my email-adress changes at least 2 times per year ... fucking spam :wink:

and you are wrong .. i am very interested in daemon tools !! or let me say: i really need it !! :mrgreen:

and did you not read the thread ? there is nothing to uninstall because the installation does not work :roll:

26.11.2004, 11:25
then I suggest you to be patient, we're working already with you, right?
What more of a supportteam can you expect (beside to find a solution,
of course ;) )

Asking us to send you the money back isn't very helpfull for our motivation,
I'm sure you got the point, yes?

Especially when it comes to "send me the money back, I'm not sure if I payed
for, but in any case, send it back to me" :wink:

Now do me a favor and use our email-support to solve your problem, I don't
want to see such posts anymore about what was send to whom and I'm sure
it isn't interesting for other users, too. Use our email-support to solve your
prob, thank you

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