View Full Version : Does ANYONE have experiance loading OEM Adobe Creative FULL using D-Tool?

24.11.2004, 17:59
I purchaced one of those cheep OEM copies of Adobe Creative FULL from one of those online overseas websites in Hongkong I think? and While I was in the middle of the instal using D-tool I misstakenly powered down my PC at the point of whre it was just getting to ask me for the 2nd CD... HOW DO I GET BACK TO THAT POINT IN THE INSTAL?


24.11.2004, 20:07
Start installation again from CD1 and this time don't power off...?

24.11.2004, 21:11
Okay, I did that...now because it's an OEM version can I still "Activate & register"?

25.11.2004, 15:49
Well I don't know what kind of licence this program has, what I know is that it's illegal to bypass the activation in the USA so should any problems arise from activation and/or registration I would recommend contacting Adobe directly.