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12.01.2003, 07:33
I was wondering if this model is a good burner for making 1:1 back-ups,
48X/12X/48X CD-RW DRIVE LTR-48246S

Lite-on Black 48x24x48x IDE CD-Rewriter with Nero 5 Software, OEM
ONLY $56

I am looking at it on ebay because im looking for a black faced burner. If anyone could help i would greatly appriciate it. Thank You!!!!

12.01.2003, 07:54
well, i have a 40125S 40x12x48x. I compared features, and they are similar. So therefore I would recommend this burner. I haven't had a problem burning anything that is burnable so far.

but of course, some people are going to suggest plextor :lol:

04.03.2003, 17:26
I have Lite-On LTR - 52246S and thing is perfect model for writing. What about Plextor?, i read that drives on hi-Speed(16x, 24x and more) not correct write CD (about Correct EFM-Encoding);
DATAs writes correctly. But Plextor is good drive, and you need more money if you want it.

with Respect...

05.03.2003, 07:17
I have a Lite-On LTR40125W upgraded to 48125W (by flashing the firmware);
hasn't let me down once when it comes to copying protected discs... (ok, i didn't try starforce ;))


05.03.2003, 07:24
What exactly does the end letter of the liteon burner denote (S/W)? Colour?

05.03.2003, 19:08
*g* I don't think it's the color, Andareed. When Alcohol's DPM was first released, it worked with a 40125S but not with a 40125W. Or so they said.

In addition, when I flashed my burner's firmware from 40125W (40x) to 48125W (48x);
I always read that it does NOT work for the 'S' series, only for the 'W' series. I don't know how much of that is true though.


06.03.2003, 00:46
All the specs on liteon's apply to both 40125W and 40125S. I cannot see any difference.

06.03.2003, 09:47
The only difference between W and S drives is the flash rom. You can flash the W firmware in S drives and the S firmware in W drives.

06.03.2003, 09:51
So is S better than W (or vice versa)? Why do two types even exist?

06.03.2003, 10:12
No, why would a drive be better, just because thereґs a different flash rom built in? I donґt know why LiteOn releases the drives with different names and even release different firmware - they just could flash and name the drive 40125 (i.e. without additional letter) regardless which flash rom is used.

06.03.2003, 12:38
I'm not sure, but afair it has something to do with their factorys, where W stands for Taiwan, S for China, but it's possible this is totally crap :mrgreen:

06.03.2003, 13:21
My info is that W drives have Winbond flash roms, S drives have ST flash roms - but either way, itґs simply plain stupid to flash different firmwares (espacially in the beginning, with one drive Z-CLV, the other P-CAV).

06.03.2003, 13:29
OK, well thanks for the info :)

12.01.2004, 19:11
ok, next: For imaging purposes a plextor is very good, also an old one (eg of 2000). It eats simply everything (i haven't said "burning" 8) )!

Cool topic: http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=2212

22.01.2004, 08:27
OK.. back to the original topic.

In the Alcohol-forum there are more topics like this. What I've been reading there is that the LiteOn 52327s is working fine with most protections. I have the Sony CRX-220 (same as the LiteOn 52246s) but it can't burn 3-sheep (2-sheep it can).

The LiteOn 52327s is a very good burner for a low price (about 35 euro in NL)

To try what protection your burner can burn: http://forum.alcohol-software.com/index.php?showtopic=2196

22.01.2004, 08:32
Well, i've been using an LTR-48246S for about a year now ... at least with me it works flawlessly up to SD 3.1 (latest SD version i checked it with) and no hardware-related problems with anything else i tried.

27.03.2004, 11:56
Daemon Tools earlier web pages referred to protection "Securom" requiring a burner that could read and write P16 sub codes and error codes, if my memory is correct. This information seems no longer, to be available.
I found the only burner that could do this is a Plextor and my model does it OK. 40\12\40A Plexwriter Ide Burner. It would be interesting to find out what other burners can do this? Does anyone have information? Thanks.
My Sony certainly cannot do the same copy protected CD`s.

27.03.2004, 12:00
SecuROM based on subchannels is outdated, 'cause almost all writers can write DAO-RAW96 these days. Newer SecuROM based on phsical structure of original cd can be copied with Plextor Premium!

27.03.2004, 13:08
Ok, you have specified Plextor but what other burners can reproduce error codes and P16 sub codes? I have found since that Mitsubishi use Plextor, Ricoh and Phillips. This means that a Mitsubishi can be a Plextor, if you are lucky.

27.03.2004, 13:23
All writers supporting DAO-RAW96 can write errors and subchannels, although for that DAO-RAW16 would be enough (e.g. older Philips writers). DAO-RAW96 can also copy PSX games with protection based on un-corrected subchannel data (corrected by DAO-RAW16 writers).

27.03.2004, 13:44
OK, I might have said Securom but probably should have said Securom 2.
My Plextor reproduced Empire Earth but my New Sony could not.
I am not personally interested in copying protected game CD`s but my friends are. Hence I posted the question with two motives. To alert others to earlier Daemon info plus try to find burners that match Plextor`s attributes. However, Alchohol burner software will often do the impossible copy with some clever automatic workarounds. I still have the earlier Daemon write up on sub codes if anyone wants it. I have been waiting three months for Plextor burners. None available currently in Australia.