View Full Version : Keyboard lag.

24.11.2004, 17:16
Operating System: Windows XP Home
Burning Software: Nero, Easy CD Creator, and like a dozen others.
Anti-virus Software: Avast
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I started playing Starcraft using Daemon tools recently. I was surprised however, because while this program has always worked great in the past, when I tried to play, the shortcut keys for the game were often irresponsive, and nearly always lagged. Note that this didn't happen when typing messages to other users. After awhile, I hit CTRL+ALT+DEL, and upped the priority of the Daemon Tools process, and that of Starcraft. No effect. My computer is a 2.53ghz P4 running Windows XP. Any ideas?

24.11.2004, 19:09
Does the lagging occur without Daemon (with the original CD)?
What about a burned CD+emulation?

25.11.2004, 18:27
Nope. Playing before was fine.