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24.11.2004, 20:43
Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP0
Burning Software: Nero 5.1
Anti-virus Software: AVG 6.0 Free Edition
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47


I am a new user to Daemon Tools 3.47, and i have a quite serious problem with it. I selected in the menu with options two instead of one drives, and from then on, my cd-rom reader's LED keeps burning. Also, the computer doesn't recognize the primary master, slave, ... as fast as before i used the program. Now there is a CD in the reader and i can't get it out neither... What schould i do?

Thanks in advance,

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24.11.2004, 20:49
Hello again, i managed to solve the problem by uninstalling D Tools, but thanks any way and sorry for the useless thread! :?