View Full Version : Daemon Tools does not run?

24.11.2004, 23:53
Operating System: W2K Pro
Burning Software: Nero 6 ULtra
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Downloaded & installed daemon tools. The program does not run when either using the desktop icon or the application file in c:\program files\D-Tools.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

25.11.2004, 09:50
Do you see the task bar icon?

06.12.2004, 14:55
There is nothing. I've downloaded and then installed Daemon Tools 3.47. There is an ICON on desktop that upon clicking, does not launch. I've accessed the deamon application file through windows explorer and appropriate folder and upon double clicking that file, nothing.

I've downloaded and installed repeatedly over ten times (no BS). This will not run. Look, I've been building PC's since the old 286 days. This includes installing and operating the programs for my clients. My interest in this is of my own. I have an installed CDRW plus a DVDRW in my PC. I also have Nero 6 Ultra. I have downloaded and installed "ShrinkIT" and that runs but requires Deamon Tools as a part of the function.

I have wasted over 40 hours trying to get this to function. My time is worth something and therefore I am in the market for a DVD backup software that will not waist my time (http://www.dvd-copy-software-review.com/).

Sorry, but can not support this program at this time.

06.12.2004, 15:01
Check in task manager if daemon.exe is running, if so end it, then try to remove -lang 1033 switch from desktop icon -> properties. Then start via desktop icon. If it works you can try it for autostart (registry), too.