View Full Version : cannot mount new image.. old

27.11.2004, 02:01
Operating System: WinXP SP2
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: AVG
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Strange problem.

Mounting works. I can use the mounted filesystem (e.g. from the ISO file).
Unmounting works (apparently) too.
Mounting another ISO file works too..

Now the problem..
The directory data after the mount of the second (different) ISO file, ist the same as for the first one. Obviously, since the second ISO file has another directory structure. Accessing files thus won't work. I get garbles data or non-funtion binaries.

It almost seems as if the directory data is still in a cache on the system, even as the underlying ISO file was changed (unmounted first/mounted second)

after reboot, I can mount fresh image files again.
no error message at all.

where is the problem?

Thanks for any pointer