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30.11.2004, 05:40
Operating System: XP Pro SP2 AMD XP2600+ OC'ed to 2800+; LeadTek Ti4200 OC'ed to 307/620
Burning Software: Nero; Blindwrite; FreeRIP 2.9; DVDShrink 3.2
Anti-virus Software: Panda Antivirus ver.7.0
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hey peeps'

I installed the software and everything is going smoothly (I Think) but it seems that when I inserted a game i.e.: Devastation, I did not see a splash screen for thhe safedisc and when I exited the game I did not see it also. I am currently using blindwrite to create an image on a selected partion, but it seems to be making no progress. I have not tried this before, does it usually take a while to create an image? I undertand that all games are different, but it has been at LEAST 20 min, and not even 1% has been completed. Ant info or tricks would be geatly appreciated.


30.11.2004, 16:20
On some protected CDs extracting the contents can take well over an hour, just wait until 4-10% has passed, it will speed up after that.

Check if your drive supports fast error skipping and give a try to Alcohol 120%.

30.11.2004, 22:49
Thanks for the tip. Dunno if it matters much, but should I use my dvd burner instead of my dvd drive?

01.12.2004, 15:20
That depends on what kind of drives you have, if one of them is Plextor or Lite-On use it. Philips, Sony and other "big" makers sell only crippled drives that can copy very few protected titles.

Generally newer drives should work better (but not always!).

02.12.2004, 10:24
I aam currently using a benq dvd drive, and a Liteon SOHW-412s burner. I haven't really had enough time to to a full test on both.

02.12.2004, 16:12
The Lite-On drive should be better (but might not be faster).