View Full Version : Updated to Version 10.4 and detected Win32/sasquor Browser modifier.

23.07.2016, 22:43
Hey everyone,
Fresh account because got a little worried about the subject.
Been using Free licence of Daemon Tools since forever and never had detected any kind of Virus/Malware.
I've just updated to the last version and, without enabling access of third party software installations, my AV, as soon as the installation ended, detected a Browser Modifier named sasquor.
Did some research and apparently this is not a low-level virus and can really harm your system.
Also couldn't find anything related on this forum.
I've proceeded to remove it with the Anti-virus.
Is it safe to keep using Daemon Tools, should I be worried about the virus not being completely removed?
Or all this situation is just normal?
Thanks in Advance.