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13.01.2003, 03:23

A New Protection...?

>Unprotected Disc or Other Copy Protection
>Copying Tool (CloneCD, CDRWin,etc)
>CD Emulator (Virtual CD-ROM, Daemon Tools,etc)
>Virtual Drive Cannot Copy or Make an Image

Is their assertion truth?


13.01.2003, 04:38
lol, every copy protection says that. Of course, if it's new, right now (and maybe never);
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it cannot be copied. And of course, maybe it somehow blacklists daemon tools right now.

Are there any games out using this protection? When games do start using this protection, it will be analyzed and broken.

Dr Evil
14.01.2003, 21:49

It seems that this technology relies on a physical signature, which usually means that it is easy to emulate and that there is a good chance that it can be copied.

There was an interesting feature mentioned:

Optical Head Ditching (OHD)
- OHD prolongs the copying attempt from 10 to 20 hours. Even if it is copied, the copied disc does not run.

Translation... DT will get an improved Fast Dump option if the protection is ever used.

Also on their site, Alpha-DISC technology:

ўє Alpha-DISCўв Technology

In manufacturing process, specially structured digital signature, which proves authenticity, and information sectors that recognize the signature are inserted in random places by various methods. "

Translation ... Weak / Damaged sectors / subchannels, digital signature infers that protection is copyable, possible use of Twin sectors. Emphasis on structure hints at malformed sectors. Yawn.

14.01.2003, 22:35
ahh, I must say something here (I'm ill so I make it short)

PLEASE! Don't take this easy - even if nearly ALL manufacturers of Copyprotections promise that their protection is nearly unbreakable, it's clearly for us that they make it harder and harder. No easy task to emulate such protections. And btw: the Quality of a protection means not only the possibility of detect the copy but also the ability to blacklist emulators or deal with them in a more difficult way unlike yet!

EVERY protection can be emulated, that's for sure (or better: my opinion) - but it's harder now than ever before