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02.12.2004, 04:24
Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional
Burning Software: Nero Ultra 6
Anti-virus Software: Zone Alarm Security Suite
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I would like to have some details about the support of split images in Daemon Tools, as I found that they are not always working.
[I have an external HD I use for backups that I need to have as FAT32 for crossplatforming. Therefore, I have to split all the images bigger than 4Gb since that's the maximum file size for that filesystem.]
So I tried a Painkiller image (1.85Gb) split into 1Gb chunks and everything went fine, but when I tried a bigger image (Myst4 - Dvd2, 4.16Gb, still split in 1Gb chunks) the virtual drive was not accessible. However, the source image is fine as DaemonTools correctly mounts the full 4Gb file. The same happened with the first disc (3.17Gb).
I thought it might have been the number of chunks, so I tried splitting Myst4 in 2 parts rather than 5 but to no avail. On the other hand, the Painkiller image split into 10 small 200Mb pieces worked fine, as other smaller Cd images I tried.

So it looks like a matter of total size and not of number chunks or even absence of support for split images (as I first thought), but I wonder if this can be fixed...it would be really helpful for me! :wink:

02.12.2004, 12:17
Operating System: 98SE/XP
Burning Software: lots
Anti-virus Software: AVir
DAEMON Tools Version: 347

I would be interested to hear which format you used for the images? I am experiencing this very same problem with .b5t images, it never occurred with .mds, and if i join the split .b5i parts again and mount that directly, it's also working fine.

02.12.2004, 13:54
Oh, it's simply the default format for ISObuster when extracting DVDs, a split .tao image with a cue sheet...

So do you think it might be a problem of type of image?

03.12.2004, 01:33
I only ran into this with a couple of .b5t images so far, but never checked that with IsoBuster... and I'm quite clueless to the possible reason behind that. Would also like to stop wondering... :?