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02.12.2004, 21:38
Operating System: Win98SE
Burning Software: Adaptec EasyCD 3.5c
Anti-virus Software: none but WHY?
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

When I restarted windows after installing Daemon windows would not boot, after doing step by step boot, PNPHLP.VXD is the problem. I uninstalled Daemon and reomoved PNPHLP from the registry and windows booted normally again.
More a bug report than anything, but I would like to use your software... :)
(Google tells me others have had this problem and it might be caused by game anti copying measures? Not sure about this though)

02.12.2004, 22:02
Would you believe it it appears there is a newer version by the name of 347! I will try that and come whining back here if it does not work either! :wink:

02.12.2004, 22:07
Back again...says in the readme of the newer version I should not install with easyCD installed? :( What am I to do? Install and hope for the best? I don't want to lose easyCD as I neeed it. :shock:

02.12.2004, 22:34
The problems with buggy Roxio software are well known - v3.47 contains workarounds for those bugs, so you shouldn't have problems, but may have some. Just give it a try.
Note that buggy Roxio software won't see Daemon Tools virtual devices anymore, due to too many BSODs caused by Roxio bugs. This was done intentionally as workaround.