View Full Version : CD image file-format specifications

13.01.2003, 03:36

I am looking for specifications for image files created by DAO burning software, such as .NRG and .CCD/.SUB. I am working on adding support for more image-formats to the Unix cdrdao program, so e.g. it can burn image-files from Nero and CloneCD; but I'm having a difficult time finding the necessary information. The vendors of the Windows programs will not return my inquiring emails.

Is there a place where this information is published; if not, how did the DAEMON authors get this information? Reversing only?


13.01.2003, 04:40
afaik, venom did not reverse engineer any formats. But venom himself can give you an authoratative answer.

19.01.2003, 08:13
We got information about all image formats from authors themselves.
We have no right to disclose it without their permissions. So you have no other way but reaching them via email and ask.