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02.12.2004, 23:57
I am trying to mount and run my SuperPower 2 image with Alcohol 120%. When I do I get the following error from the game:

Protection System

Insert the SuperPower 2 disc into another drive then press "Retry".

The original CD works but not the image. I am guessing that SuperPower 2 is seeing my virtual drive/image as just that, virtual. As I understand it the SuperPower 2 disc 1 is protected by the Starforce protection method. Any idea how I can have the game see the virtual image as a physical disc? Or some method to make this work?

03.12.2004, 00:02
Never heared of that game, how did you checked for the protection?

03.12.2004, 00:40
www.gamecopyworld.com had the game listed with the protection used. They said it was Starforce. SuperPower 2 is a dreamcatcher game. Newly released last week I think. I just got it over the weekend.

03.12.2004, 00:45
I usually get a game a month or 2 after it is released and by then there is usually a no CD crack available but since this is such a new game I guess they have not made one for this yet. I prefer not having to juggle CDs and DVDs when I am playing my games and mounting images is easier but even easier still is no CD or image at all required. =P So until a no CD crack is available I will have to just load the image if I can figure out how to make it work.

03.12.2004, 09:37
As far as i know, Starforce kicks DT's ass so i think this game just won't work with a CD image.. until DT v4 !! :mrgreen:

03.12.2004, 23:33
Okay well thanks for the information. I will just keep using the CD then until a .exe no cd fix comes out or the new DT does.

04.12.2004, 07:21
read more about starforce mini-image creation, maybe it works for you:

CLICK HERE (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=4067)