View Full Version : Error message: Can't find cd, please insert disc and try again

03.12.2004, 23:22
Sorry if this is repetitive, I couldn't find a post that hit on this exact question.
I've installed a legally copied game. The CDs were made from images I still have. But even tho its installed, I get an error message stating "Can't find cd, insert disc and try again" when i put the game disc in and try to start it. Any thoughts?

06.12.2004, 13:13
Maybe you should tell us more about your problem: your question is like "my car doesn't work. Any clue ? " :shock:

Which game is it ? Which version ?
How did you make the image ?

23.01.2005, 02:22
Seems that you have the same problem with me.
I've posted a thread on SUPPORT forum.
Your problem, at least with me, happend only AFTER
installing service pack 2, and therefore must have
something to do with the security updates.

In my case, following games show this problem:
Sims 2 version 1.01
Simcity 4 Rushhour expansion ver 1.18 (not sure with version)
Warcraft 3 Frozen throne ver 1.10 (not sure)
東方:Immaterial and missing power (japanese game)
FIFA 2004

which is, of course, almost all the games I have.

25.01.2005, 16:05
Which drive did you install the game from? Many games need the disc to be in the same drive they were installed from...

Basically it's pure guesswork to solve your problem as long as we don't get supplied with more information.

Which OS are you running? Which Service Packs? Drivers? Hardware (especially optical drives)?

Which game are you experiencing problems with, which version? How exactly did you try to run the game, from an original CD, an image mounted with Daemon-Tools, a copied CD? When does it work (if at all) and when does it not?

27.01.2006, 12:14
I've experienced the same problem while trying to play my backup copy of Warcraft 3. I have found this website that may help - http://faqs.thehelper.net/warcraft.php#CD
I've not had the chance to try the techniques it describes yet. ;)