View Full Version : command line does not work in Daemon tools

08.08.2016, 03:24
Good afternoon.

Recently I got a basic license of the "daemon tools." There are currently two problems. (My operating system is Windows 10 64-bit PRO)
1) After upgrading to version 10.0 the program does not seem to accept more command lines that send him.
* Type the following command line:

DTAgent.exe -mount, scsi, H, "Addams Family [U] [CD] [TGXCD1019] [ICOM Simulations] [1991] [PCE] [rigg].bin", and the program responds by saying: "unknown parameter on the command line".

The second problem is that whenever I restart the computer the virtual drive that was created by me is dismantled.

How do I solve these problems? Already I researched the site and you did not find the solution.