View Full Version : Virtual Burner / Writable Virtual Device: 10+ mins to burn an 8 min track

15.08.2016, 19:14
Wondering if anyone else is experiencing slow burns to a Writable Virtual CD?

I ran some tests using Windows 10 native burner (using Windows Explorer) and burning with iTunes.

Burning a 7:33 (mm:ss) track to a physical CD-R took between 1-2 mins for both W10 and for iTunes.

Burning to a DT Writable Virtual CD had a dramatically different result (a few seconds vs. 10 minutes):


Note: Only burn option in W10 was 48x whereas iTunes max was 24x

I found a similar post, but the thread doesn't tell us what the outcome was:

31.08.2016, 00:22
Nobody else using the virtual burner??