View Full Version : Having trouble with the virtual drives...

05.12.2004, 21:19
for some reason, whenever i turn on a virtual drive with daemon tools, my comp restarts. This also happened with the old release but that was a bigger pain cause at least the new version resets to defaults. Might it be an issue with my hard drives? also is alcohol120% the only prog that worls with daemon tools?

05.12.2004, 21:27
Check if you've minidump (in Windows\Minidump folder) related to such crash, if so send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.
Daemon Tools works with Alcohol, Blindwrite, CDRWin, CloneCD, DiscJuggler, Nero, and any ISO creating software.

05.12.2004, 21:29
wow thanx for the super fast reply!!!!
no there is no minidump file of this at all... it happens right away, as soon as i click on 1 drive the screen flashes and the pc restarts... is there a way to burn with the safedisc without a virtual drive?... doh ill have to waste a few dvds then....

05.12.2004, 22:46
ok i have an update... i ran xp without error restarting and when the problem came up it said it was the file afs2k.sys so i went and renamed this file putting a 3 instead of 2. now i can open daemon virtual drives as well as alcohol virtual drives but there are no drive letters for any physical nor virtual drives. i went to device manager tried reinstalling drivers for all 3 from the cdrom inf file and such and that said there was nothing. in the daemon tool i can mount the images but cant do anything with them, same in alcohol 120%. it seems as if this afs2k.sys is some cd drive control. many other posts give similar symptoms to this problem on all accounts, the restarting, the missing drives, the non working drives. Maybe this is the big problem with all compatability... well just lettin ya know. if i get nething to work ill let ya know!

06.12.2004, 09:50
Try this AFS2k.SYS update (http://www.simplisoftware.com/Public/index.php?request=DownloadQualifiedAfsinst).