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13.01.2003, 16:58
Please make it compatible.. i cannot uninstall the SP1, nor XP, and DT crashes now after the first repoot of an installation of it!

13.01.2003, 17:45
Daemon-Tools runs fine with my Windows XP SP1, and not only with mine so it must be something with your installation of WinXP.

I suggest you have a look at the "Common Problems and Solutions" forum and check if your problem is covered there. If not, come back here and describe your problem including your system specifications (burner, burning software etc).


13.01.2003, 18:19
well thanks :) first, i HAD roxy creator installd, but fireworks does not show any drivers i could deactivate without trashing my nero. i have XP Home SP1 on a pentium 4, and i do not know what burner i have. the problem is also described elsewhere i think, when i restart my pc after installing 3.29 i cannot start up, it always shows a bluescreen over and over again until i start in save mode and reactivate a previous backup of my System. the bluescreen just flckers, so i couldnÒ‘t read anything.. and my german is way better than my english, thats why i double posted, my fault....

what are the drivers i should disable in FB?

13.01.2003, 18:27
Moved to support forum

14.01.2003, 01:17
maybe i was able to narrow it down a little..but first.. when is roxio COMPLETELY uninstalled?
well, i deinstalled all burn progs and all aspi drivers and stuff, and the prob is: install of 3.29 (3.26 worked just fine);
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and after the restart i get bluescreen, must choose last *good* configuration, and then the SCSI driver i not found. under 3.26 there is StealthSCSIController under *arbeitsplatz* *properties* hardware.... and with 3.29 there is STMP50 or so.... mass storage controller or so... shoot me ;)
well, what must i do to be able to run the new deamon tool? i like the software very much and would appreciate your help... i ivested now several hours myself and am still stuck... :oops:

07.03.2003, 04:12
I have had no problems with installing/upgrading/reinstalling dtools.. We have about 15 machines that we are constantly reloading o/s's on (we are a test lab).

Its possible that the order in how you install stuff may help. We install the os, sp1, patches (windows updates) then install dt before any other packages - even email, office, etc..

07.03.2003, 05:20
I format quite frequently (monthly). I have installed in various orders, winxp, sp1. I also have created my own pre-patched winxp sp1 image, and now install from this. I also install a wide variety of software (visual studio .net, office xp, etc...)

As far as I can tell, order does not matter. Order matters ONLY when you upgrade os. I mean, you should install, f.e., win2k, then upgrade to winxp, then install daemon tools. Upgrading to winxp with daemon tools installed causes trouble.