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that guy
07.12.2004, 12:18
hey guys, i just installed daemon tools v 3.47 and blindwrite. i created an image of star wars jedi academy and mounted it in daemon and all that and windows explorer acnoledges it and all. but when i try to start the game it says insert disc 1. the image that i mounted was of disc 1 and i cant find what i did wrong. im new to this so i probably sound stupid and the truth is is that in this department i am. could someone please help

07.12.2004, 18:39
Star Wars Jedi Academy should play fine from an image, may be you installed first from the CD reader itself and then Star Wars check CD reader contents (which is empty) :

Reinstall everything from DAEMON TOOLS virtual cd/dvd reader or modify the registry so that Star Wars Jedi Academy will access to the correct CD reader letter (the one of DAEMON TOOLS) .

If this doesn't work, your image is wrong, recreate it with ALCOHOL software .


that guy
08.12.2004, 03:36
oh thanks mate i didnt know u had to install it from daemon tools, thanks for the help.