View Full Version : LOTR Battle for Middle Earth DVD

08.12.2004, 13:29
Has anyone tried the Middle Earth DVD yet?

12.12.2004, 15:34
I just tried it and I get a "Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application.

Any Ideas?

12.12.2004, 22:12
funny thing...
i install bfma (original, dvd), and after it i install d-tools
and now on my main account (login) i'm unable to play bfma at all - "emulation software detected" error occures
but on other login i can play using the original dvd, and using fake image (5MB, from gamecopyworld.com) mounted by deamon tools
any idea how to fix it on main login ?

12.12.2004, 22:57
Sorry I have no idea.

19.12.2004, 10:54
If i use an image created with same HW + Alcohol => works great !!

There is an problem at constellation;

* DVD protected with new SafeDisc
* Image created with BA 5
* Emulate with Daemon Tools

(Images created with Alcohol of same DVD's works without "Please insert correct
CD/DVD" Error)

19.12.2004, 16:53
Thanks for the tip that worked for me.