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13.01.2003, 18:11
I would like to burn an image to a CD because it has only 500 MB and want that it is mounted if inserted. Is there someone who can tell me how an autorun.inf has to look like that this work if its possible?


13.01.2003, 18:30
why don't you just open a cd with an autorun.inf file? I assume you have a cd with autorun.inf?

Moved to off topic, as this has nothing to do with d-tools.

13.01.2003, 18:59
You can write something like the following autorun.inf if you have the Vdesk & BTEWin package installed (you can download it from my homepage; the version that is hosted on the DT's website can't read script commands directly from the command line) :

open=bteexec.exe --cmdline mount 0,myimage.iso^%@DAEMONLETTER[0]myprogram.exe

Note that you can't distribute the bteexec.exe file without my express permission; read the license agreement for details.

13.01.2003, 20:06
Well, and of course if the only thing that you want to do is to mount an image you can call daemon.exe if it is on the path.

Note that %@DAEMONLETTER[0]myprogram.exe is incorrect;

the correct is %@DAEMONLETTER[0]:\myprogram.exe

But if your image has autorun then you can just call daemon.exe and you'll be done.

13.01.2003, 20:41
I have found it it myself (sorry, have found the help file too late);
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but an other question, could I copy the daemon-too.exe to cd and start it from there because not everyone has it in the same folder? Is there a batch file that works as follow:
If folder c:\daemon-tool exist go to mount, if not start setup.exe?

Is there any possibility to averride an existing CD-Rom drive that the PC things the data comes from a real drive (no virtual drive)?

Does it matter if I mount a bwi or bwa file?

Is there a batch command line that the box isn't showed?

13.01.2003, 20:57
@player1: sorry, i didn't read your entire post. I didn't see you wanted it to mount the cd. Many pardonds :D

here is batch file:

@echo off
if not exist "C:\program files\d-tools\daemon.exe" goto noexist
echo Daemon-Tools was found!
goto :end

echo Daemon-Tools not found!
goto end

"C:\program files\d-tools\daemon.exe" -mount 0,image.iso

for the cd, extract the contents of daemon installation to X:\daemon (where X is cdrom drive).