View Full Version : Can't read data from my cdrom no more !!

13.01.2003, 23:13
ok i really need help guys:
Here is my specs:
winxp sp1
p3 850
480 sdram

got 3 partitions called: c: d: and e:
got 1 cdrom ( f: ) 1 dvd rom ( g: ) and 1 burner ( h: )

I install DT all work fine.I decided to uninstall it and now i have this problem: my cdrom ( f: ) shows itself in the explorer but when i click on it it doesn't show any data whereas THERE IS a cd in my drive !
dvrom and burner still work fine but cdrom don't !

I'm sure the pb come from DT because all was working quite fine BEFORE i installed it and i don't install other things !

I have read the forum a couple of time to find a solution but nothing work: try to reinstall driver, to delete scsci controler in device manager, to delete the drive and reboot, to search cdrom.inf from windows cd and reinstall it...nothing works !

I think that the problem come from a missing driver or a prog that is blocking my cdrom (no i have not easy cd creator :) ) .

Please help it would be much appreciate.