View Full Version : Mount archive files.

14.01.2003, 10:14
One feature that would be really great would be the ability to mount archive files (zip, rar, arj etc etc) as filesystems in the same way as isos etc. For example, in my daily work I often have to deal with zip-drops of source trees, and do recursive diffs etc on these. Having to unpack them to drive kinda sucks. Mounting a zipfile over the network would rule. Now, performance might suck a bit, but that would be ok.

14.01.2003, 13:06
This should be done in a separate tool, not d-tools. Besides, windows zip folder does this good. A 3rd party program could do something like this.

14.01.2003, 13:36
Other tool I can sortof accept, although since D-tools works so great, it would be neat to have the functionalty inside it as well.

However, the windows zipfolder-thingy does only provide zip access within windows explorer, not inside the filesystem. which is what is the sorta crucial thing. :D

Oh, well. Just a suggestion.

14.01.2003, 14:51
well, search me why winrar or winzip haven't done this. There is source for cabview (similar to zip folders, except for cabs) available from ms. I have made something similar to zip-folders myself, and it wasn't difficult.

Why don't you email these places (winzip, winace, winrar) and ask why they don't do this?