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11.12.2004, 02:56
Operating System: WinXP - Service Pack 1
Burning Software: Nero 5.5
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47


I use DT to mount images of my music CDs and to play them without using CD drive. (Saves battery life for those long airplane flights)

I use ISOBuster to make the images.

Now everything works well except every once in a while I get a CD image that wont mount.

I get the following error Message:

Unable to mount image. Cue sheet: line 6 - first INDEX of file does not start at 00:00:00

I open the cue sheet and this is what it has on line 5-7

Track 01 audio
index 01 00:00:33
rem msf: 00:00:33 = LBA: 33

I tried looking for an answer for this error on the forum but did not find anything.

Is this easy to solve? Does it have to do with ISObuster? If it does, which image-maker would be recommended?

Thank you in advance !

11.12.2004, 11:53
Change the line "index 01 00:00:33" to "index 01 00:00:00" and see if it helps.

11.12.2004, 22:46
:P :P :P

THank you. This helped out.