View Full Version : Programs can't detect mounts

11.12.2004, 03:25
Operating System: WinXP Home
Burning Software: WinISO
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: V3.47

Hey guys.

Well, I have a fairly large network and I want to be able to run some games on all the comps at the same time, with only one disc, and I love DT for that. I used WinISO to make an .iso of the disc, copied it to all the comps, mounted on DT. No problems. I even installed the games from the mounted disc, no problem. But when I try to run the game, which requires a CD to play, it says that it can't find the disc. I wondered if it was a problem specific to that game, so I tried two others. All three did not work.

Can someone tell me how I might get programs to recognize the mounted discs? Thanks.

11.12.2004, 11:59
Plain .iso files do not contain necessary copy protection information and won't work.

Note that most likely what you are trying to accomplish is highly illegal, you should contact the game publishers for volume licences, they do have legal solutions for your problem.