View Full Version : Deamon Tools in Windows XP 64?

The Prodigy
12.12.2004, 13:35
Operating System: Windows XP 64-bit Edition
Burning Software: Windows XP Pro burner.
Anti-virus Software: Avast!
DAEMON Tools Version: N/A

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask, but is there a Daemon Tools somewhere out there that supports Windows XP 64? Or will there be in the near future?
Does any other programs do what Daemon does, but can also do it in Windows XP 64?



13.12.2004, 18:03
Short answer: no 64-bit support yet but likely yes with the next version that will be released when it's done :)

The Prodigy
14.12.2004, 09:07
Ok... Thx... I'll try to find somthing else while I wait, then...!

Just to the info of the ppl making D-Tools: If you need a beta-tester with a winXP 64 system, I'd like to be one of 'em! :lol: :wink:

09.01.2005, 19:20
Operating System: Windows XP x64
Burning Software: none
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: new 64 bit version :)

Windows 64 will be the future since AMD64 is the leading AMD processor and Intel is also stepping towards the 64 road 100%.

18.01.2005, 03:02
Operating System: XP 64
Burning Software: Nero, EZ CD-Creator
Anti-virus Software: Who needs that? ; )
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I'm also volunteering as a beta tester for XP64. My rig is Dually Opteron 242s, currently running pre-release candidate 1218, although I'm waiting for 1289 to ship out next month, if it's on schedule.

Although I must correct the previous post: Intel hates the new XP64 because microsoft dumped the Itanium-native 64 bit edition in favor of the extended version compatible with the AMD chip and a lower end Intel compatible chip. Microsoft justified the move saying the itanium was to expensive to attract home users and only corporate types would buy the itanium, and the OS they would use would be Server 2003, not XP. In any event, if you need Intel network drivers for XP64 extended, good luck to you. they don't exist except from a hack copy of drivers intended for 2003 Server you can download from HP's website.... Intel is pissing me off with the lack of support for their networking hardware, I mean Creative has a pre-release for the 5.1 SB card and ATI has my Radeon 9800 working, all the other "non-essential" hardware is working, but the drivers for my gigabit NIC? I need to rip a copy from HP's site from server edition drivers - geeeze.

Anyway, sorry for going off-topic on you, but I did restrain myself from saying anything about the pre-alpha development stages of the 128 bit chip Intel is developing with Microsoft -- OOps, sorry, my restraint gave out.


19.01.2005, 04:41

dunno if that will help you D-Tools guys get going in the right direction but I'm currently using the above tool to emulate CDs in 64 bit windows.

19.01.2005, 06:01
New DT will have both 32 and 64 bit version when it is released.
it is developed and tested on both platforms at same time.

So no need to ask same question again and again.;-)

04.03.2005, 22:49
Operating System: Windows XP x64
Burning Software: Plextor DVD Burning Software
Anti-virus Software: nothing here
DAEMON Tools Version: none

I would also like to volunteer to beta test... I love Deamon tools, but do not want to reboot to get into 32 bit windows to use it.