View Full Version : How do you change clonecd4 settings?

14.01.2003, 14:10
This is probably a n00b question, but I want to know why you can't change the settings. You can pick from Audio CD, Game CD, Data CD, etc.. but the settings you can't change. How do you work around this? I hate having "Don't report read errors" because I want to know how long it's taking to skip the errors. This is why I've hated clonecd4.

Also, before anyone flames at me, I did do a search through the topics for 'clonecd settings profile' but it didn't return anything useful, so I asked here. Feel free not to reply if it bothers you that I'm asking an age old question.

14.01.2003, 14:52
Why don't you create a new profile, called DonTSkipErrors or something. THen you can customize the changes yourself. Personally, I don't use clonecd anymore...

14.01.2003, 15:09
How do you create a new profile? I don't see that option anywhere...

14.01.2003, 15:12
I donґt know what youґre talking about!? Just right-click on a profile (e.g. audio cd) and select ґeditґ -> there you can change whatever you want!?

14.01.2003, 16:19
You could just have a look at the CloneCD manual (http://www.elby.ch/english/products/clone_cd/manual/index.html) - profiles section (http://www.elby.ch/english/products/clone_cd/manual/profiles.html). It is made for exactly those questions, and it covers your question well.

Hope this helps...