View Full Version : Vampire : Bloodlines + SafeDisc 3.20.022

14.12.2004, 11:29
Yea gidday u genius's from above.
Ive found a problem.
Made me a perfectly good backup of vampire : Bloodlines with blindwrite (b5t) and that jackel (iso) program and when i try load the game with either of the images of the first disk mounted in daemon tools 3.47 it comes up with this CD/DVD emulation software detected dog message. So i was wondering if you genius's knew a fix to make daemon more "real" and less emulation. The exact same software installed, and the images both work on my mates pc without bloodlines detecting emulation software so.... yea im pissed.
Other than uninstalling all emulation software and burning the iso/b5t to a cdr (coaster plan) do you fullas have any ideas?
btw the protection a-ray scanner tells me is safedisc 3.20.022.
oh and ive searched more forums than is healthy, esp seeing as its 1am.

14.12.2004, 11:39
SafeDisc has no problem with Daemon Tools virtual device, if you've CloneCD installed disable Hide CD-R media function and tray.

14.12.2004, 12:14
Thanks for the... INSANELY quick reply but i fixed it myself.
I found the only real difference between mine and my mates pc was... Clone Cd and Cloney XXL. Uninstall them both cuz they are not worth the hassel. Works like a charm now.
Thanks again