View Full Version : Safedisk v2.8 with Alcohol 120%

14.01.2003, 14:12
Just a quick question, do you just use the Safedisk v2 profile to copy v2.8 games in Alcohol? And does that profile choose settings that tailor to non correct-EFM encoding burners? What should the settings be for a burner that does do correct EFM?

Is any emulation or extra settings needed like with Securom v4.8?

14.01.2003, 15:15
If your writer is a two-sheep one (does corrrect EFM) just select the SafeDisc profile instead of the SafeDisc2 profile (which has EFM correction enabled by default) or change the SafeDisc2 profile.
You donÒ‘t need extra emulation with a two-sheep writer.

14.01.2003, 15:17
In case your burner does correct EFM-Encoding you should deactivate the "bypass EFM"-Option

To read Safedisk2-protected Games you should use the "SafeDisc 2"- Profile

It's that simple

15.01.2003, 13:32
Bypass EFM doesn't appear in my write settings... is that because my burner is a 2 sheep one? And between Safedisc and Safedisc 2 profiles, I can't see a single difference in settings.. is there still a hidden difference I'm not aware of, or no difference at all which I choose?