View Full Version : Lotr Battle for Middle Earth doesn't want to run

15.12.2004, 00:40
Hi guys!

I have the game lord of the rings battle for middle earth,all in the mds file from alcohol,scanned with a ray scanner.So today i made a cd copy of cd1 to run the game from the cd because i'm using a labtop and its not fast enough the hard drive to play this game,sometimes it stucks which with the cd doesn't i mean the original cd's.
So i made a copy,from the cd 1 with alcohol,did choose the right burning process,finished startet the game,then the logo comes up but nothing happens anymore,the game don't want to start!!!!
If i do it with my usual login the message,couldn't found dvd/cd rom version,emulating software has been detected,so i login from my other one which does work when i start the game from the mounted file,but it stucks!

Can someone tell me,how can i avoid the emulator message????

Can someone tell how i bring the game to run with the burned cd????
A ray scanner says that the protection is safedisc 2/3 i made the 1th image file in alcohol with the safedisc 2/3 configurations.

But i want to run the game from the cd!!!!!
Can someone help me out in that way please??????

I get really upset because the game doesn't want to start with the cd just see the game logo and that's it!

thx in advance!


17.12.2004, 13:43
I wish i knew the answer the DVD version gives me an incert correct CD error when I use the image.

18.12.2004, 11:21
I only have the same problems with safedisc protected dvd's like "Battle for middle earth" and "The Settlers: Heritage of Kings" (Siedler 5) when i use Images created by blindwrite 5. If i use an image created by alcohol it works!!!

Is there any problem in Blindwrite 5 or in DT?