View Full Version : Can't Remove BD-ROM Windows 10

Hossam Hussein
05.10.2016, 13:24
Hi Guys ,
I need Help
I had new windows 10 education installed with Deamon Tools pro advanced 5.0.0316.0317 installed
I create 4 BD-ROM's and every thing was fine.
After Windows installed updates it remove my DT and never accept to reinstall in as its not compatible
as windows told me, I downloaded and installed a newer version (DT Ultra 4) witch is Compatible ,
the problem is that Windows removed my old DT pro but leave the 4 BD-ROM's and the new DT ULtra
doesn't recognize them,
I tried to uninstall them via Device-Manager but every restart a pop-up messages appears and they back to appear.
I don't like to just disable the from Device-Manager.

Can any one help me to remove them permanently?

05.10.2016, 17:29

Are you sure that restarted devices are not DTUltra devices?